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I've picked 2 out of three, please help me choose one more. Original: Help me choose 3 submissions to the 2011 DCist photo show. There's no theme besides things that are or happen in DC, but there seems to be a general style they choose. You can see past selections here and here. Whereas most of my event and portrait work wouldn't usually fall into this category I've assembled a few images I think are at least in the spirit. And if you're really interested, I've already eliminated a group that are here (let me know if I made a mistake).

Please either add a guestbook entry for the album (letting me know which picture they are), or an individual comment for the photos you think are good for this.

Guestbook for U Pick
I like the red shoes. It kind of reminds me of the aftermath of a crime scene, which is sooo DC. lol And it's beautiful, too, of course.
Red shoes. It's DC.
Red shoes, though they're all good.
Linda Luther(non-registered)
I really like all three, however, I feel like the red shoes say so much more than the others
I like these two Alex. I also made a suggestion about one you didn't include.
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