Photography is a lifelong learning experience, that's why I love photographing for other people. We get comfortable in our own lives and when stepping in to someone else's life, even for an hour, it gives me a short time to create a small frame that will last forever. Anyone who says they know everything about photography is lying, every time I press the shutter button I learn something new and I thank you for that opportunity.

I started out with a small digital point and shoot over 10 years ago and quickly realized that the camera was not giving me the results I thought it should, but there was no way that I could tell the camera that it was wrong. I made the jump and picked up an SLR. As an engineer by formal training I took thousands of pictures varying every setting one at a time to discover what everything did. I thought I knew what I was doing, but unfortunately buying an expensive camera doesn't make you a photographer, it just makes you the owner of an expensive camera; at least I knew my thumb from my forefinger.

While serving as an engineer in the Navy the Captain recognized my passion (and hopefully a little bit of potential) and let me manage a team of journalists and photographers where I learned from some of the best and the difference between a snapshot and a story. I was able to grow my client list while stationed in both Norfolk and San Diego.

Since getting out of the Navy I've relocated my photography business to Washington, DC and quickly jumped in on the excitement of this city. Until now, I had never directly experienced as I grew up just north of the beltway in Columbia, MD. and as you may very well know, that's not DC. I'm currently located in Capitol Hill, close to the action.

I specialize in On-location Event and Portrait photography. I really enjoy the combination of photojournalism and documentary photography that tells a story I could otherwise not describe. I bring that same style into my wedding and other work. I've had the opportunity to photograph people with big names, people who just got their names, and everyone in between trying to make a name for themselves. I'd of course like the opportunity to do the same for you or your special wedding or event.